Tristyn Mickel | Finding her passion for Hairstyling

Tristyn Mickel, a graduate of The Style Academy is making her mark on the industry! Currently employed at EKlipz Salon in Estevan she had wanted to be a hairstylist for as long as she could remember. “As a kid, if I could sit in a salon and get my hair done all day I wouldn’t complain. I love the endless creativity and freedom that comes from this industry.”
Throughout her time at TSA Tristyn valued the hard work and dedication needed to be a student at The Style Academy. “This is something that isn’t just given to you and you really need to work hard to succeed in this industry. Nothing is served on a silver platter!

“you need to be willing to work your butt off and give it your all in order to be successful. Work hard and always be creative.”

Now that Tristyn is a industry professional here are some of her insights and words of wisdom

  • What keeps me motivated is making people feel good! I keep my colours a secret till the end, so seeing my guest’s reaction when I spin them around is priceless.
  • I’d have to say my biggest achievement was moving from employee to chair rental. For some it might not be a big deal but with becoming my own boss it has pushed me to work harder than I ever have before.
  • Social media is such a huge part in building relationships not only with clients but with other stylist as well. I get the best inspiration and love how supportive the stylist community is. Nothing is better than cheering each other on!
  • My parents are honestly my biggest inspirations. Both of them are so hardworking and I strive to be just like them every day!
  • The hardest thing about this industry was not having a clientele at the beginning. A few months in I wanted to give up but I pushed through to at least get my journeymen and I’m glad I did because I love what I do now so I believe patience and a good work ethic is key!
  • My favourite services would have to colouring because you get to be so creative and I honestly find it relaxing because a lot of it is repetitive. I also love men’s cuts cause every cut is customizable; it’s crazy how the “same” haircut can look so different on everyone.
  • Education wise I’m super guilty for not attending in person classes so far but I’m hoping to attend lots in the fall. I do constantly watch tutorials and demos on YouTube and Instagram which is nice cause it’s always up to date on current trends!
  • I don’t necessarily have anything I wished someone would have told me but one thing I could pass on to future stylist is “you need to be willing to work your butt off and give it your all in order to be successful. Work hard and always be creative.”