An Invitation of Possibilities

For over thirty, YES thirty years, I have watched Candyce Bakke navigate her life on the sidelines. She is a great example of living with intent and purpose. I feel very fortunate she has allowed me to join in some of the shenanigans over the years. When she asked me to write about my experience as I go through her Strengthening Your Foundation course, I jumped on it. 

The last week of September when we gathered for the first time, there was an energy in the room. As Candyce shared the outcomes of the program there was a buzz of excitement; a hum as people opened to the idea of possibility. Candyce has a way of captivating the crowd with her authentic voice. 

Building a foundation using the 5 R’s

Next, Candyce challenged us to reflect and discuss our Rs. 

  • REFLECTION – What did we learn from the past? What changes are needed? What should remain the same?
  • ROLES- what are our daily roles? How well do we take them on?  
  • RESISTANCE- what is preventing us from being the best we can be in each of these roles?
  • RITUALS – are your daily rituals healthy? I may have a few bad one’s guys
  • Lastly, RISE- when we succeed and achieve our desires   

As we chatted, one could see the power of each of these Rs. Opportunities for improvement that I had never thought of were coming to mind. Ways to focus and achieve my goals, that I haven’t done yet. Organically, Candyce was able to encourage the group to visualize their RISE and challenged us to get there. When you ask her how she is doing, she enthusiastically said “I’m fine f#ckingtastic” I want to say that too.

Now as I sit down in front of the computer, I am nervous. I have been making life changes over the past few years, but I certainly need help. I want to get balance in my life and work on good self-talk.  Professionally, I have some goals that I need to put pen to paper, and I have not taken the time to focus and map that out. The Strengthening Your Foundation speaks to me as I go through this process.

As we meet, I will share my experiences while putting these new practices into place. I do not know what to expect but am optimistic that this will help me at home and professionally. I will do my best, to be honest and open as we go through the weeks of the course.  I look forward to the opportunity for growth and change and look forward to sharing this with you.

– Kathy Sabo

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