Systematic Processes that Lead to Achieving Goals

In week four of the Strengthening Your Foundations Course, my awareness of things I need to work on is on high alert. Candyce introduced the LEAD process, it is the process to address various concerns systematically. Using LEAD to plan the year, so we can make goals and feel achievement when we reach them. Do you mean throwing everything to the wind when you have something important – can be avoidable? Show me the way!

Our assignment- give a presentation of a LEAD process for one of our issues or concerns, we need to create something tangible to share with the group. As I review the task at hand and consider the many things that need to be addressed, I decided to focus on brand awareness. Given that is still in its first year, having a vision of where we want to be in a year, seems like a great idea.

My Lead Process

I have decided to track a few key actions monthly, this should help us to understand if we are achieving our goal. Who here loves a good spreadsheet?! Statistics are a quantifiable, tangible way of understanding data. I figure sharing this spreadsheet is the best way of tracking our progress in building our brand.  If we increase our audience, we will be able to educate them about our vision to create happiness in a box while supporting our local community. 

I can understand the power of this, sending my energy to where it needs to be, with focus. The process of putting these goals onto paper, with dates, will take this vision and make it a reality. I am now accountable for these goals and will take them to fruition.

Systematic goals

As I reflect on a systematic approach to working through issues, I think about the hours of watching Netflix this past fall, with too much time on my hands. Had I considered my first trade show coming for the holiday season – I could have maybe prevented the work we had at home in the winter.  Yes, I may have thrown balance out the window and decided to live in complete chaos as we prepped. 

The last step in this process is to share this LEAD plan with our key people. Regular meetings to discuss these goals and commitments, and how things are moving along. As a home business, I do not have employees per se, but I do have a hubby whose hourly rate is cheap. When we reviewed my LEAD process – to build brand awareness, he saw the vision. He appreciated this process immensely as now he understands my underlying motivation and goals. He can now help me be accountable for this strategy as grows into what we want it to be. 

Now that I have used LEAD for brand awareness, I am now already thinking about what we can do next. Using LEAD is a great way to address concerns and take them to the next level. Without any goals to work towards, what are we doing here?