Finding your Direction | Manifesting, rituals, routines and consistency

The Strengthening Your Foundations course is a twelve-week program. This is done to make sure we develop and remain consistent in the practice and so we begin to manifest our desires. In comparison when I take a one-day course, I usually leave feeling energized with a few takeaways and ahh moments. I will practice these concepts for a couple of weeks, only to be soon forgotten. What I really love about the SYF is the investment we make in ourselves to commit to a weekly session for three months.  

Today my course group, who have also been investing in the course for well over a month, have slowly but surely become more aware of why we are there. Now that we are reflecting on our self-talk and embracing our whole self, all of me, even the pieces that we don’t think are so pretty. As Shakespeare wrote, all the world is a stage! Together our group is working each day to show up in the world honestly and stop doing what is expected from our own performance.

Now Candace is pushing us to the next level.

Manifest your dreams

Together, as well as on our own time, we have worked through things that have been holding us back. We need to move forward- looking toward whom we want to be. We are asked to think big picture – Where do you want to be in one year or two years, how about 10?  This is when Candyce introduces the concept of manifestation. 

My Life Planner has a few sections aimed to manifest what we want out of life. The first step is to simply look at our daily routine. Going through and planning the hours of each day allows us to create space for things that are meaningful to us. By creating a meaningful routine, we are creating a ritual of intention.

Consistency is key

As we look at the year and what we want to happen for 2023, we are embracing our own path.  As a business owner, this has helped me recognize what is important and ensure to make the time for these things. At the beginning of each week, I use My Life Planner to put focus on my specific intentions – guess what things are getting done! I feel much more productive these days even though my available time is still the same. This has really transformed the energy in my day-to-day life as I know what I want to do, and I am not running around with my head cut off.

One example that comes to mind is a new routine in my household with my partner Angus. As you can imagine, a home business, two kids, a hubby working full time, and a very handsome dog, keep us busy. But aside from marking up a family calendar on the kitchen wall, we never sat down and talked about our week professionally and personally. Now that we have been doing this for well over a month, it really has helped to organize us. It gives me a space to talk about work stuff and I am not just throwing things at him randomly at any time.   

I truly believe that using the planner and keeping this routine, has helped give my life more direction and purpose.