2021 Scholarship Winner

The Style Academy Scholarship 2021 recipient, Katie Marie Strong starts her first VLOG highlighting her feelings upon winning her tuition for our July Hairstyling program.


One of the first things I tell people about The Style Academy is that it’s more than “just beauty school”.

Candyce, along with an INCREDIBLE team of educators, has built a space where you not only learn about the industry but about yourself and how you will make an impact. If you don’t want to take my word for it, check out My Life Planner Story. The proof is in the pudding, baby!


Aside from the inevitable first day jitters – which, let me tell you, still DOES exist at 30 years old, the first day of class is a rush!

The energy that flows through The Style Academy is truly something special. It is passion, purpose & creativity. It is goal setting and goal crushing! Add in being handed a bag on wheels, big enough a 5ft person like myself could fit into, FILLED with new hair tools & supplies… it’s a day I never knew I needed and one I will never forget!

Katie Marie Strong

To my firsts, I’ll never forget you!

To my firsts, I’ll never forget you!

It’s because of you, I get to wake up, go to school and create. I am able to grow as an artist and find my niche! 

Okay, this is going to sound silly, but until I enrolled at The Style Academy, getting my hair done at a school never….