Dermaplaning has changed my skincare game!

Let me tell you, this has not been a short journey, I have struggled with my skin since the ripe – hormonal age of 11. Spoiler alert – things did not get better with age. When it comes to acne, ” aging like a fine wine” is an expression I often keep between me and my glass of red, and I.

I have tried it all…

From Accutane, to stronger forms of birth control, which had more negative effects on my physical and mental health, than benefits. I have spent good money on the bougie cleansers, toners, and moisturizers, and I have done the Walmart Clean and Clear budget lines. Can’t forget the pyramid scheme stuff!

Keeping it real, it’s trial and error when it comes to finding the products that match your skin needs and wants. It is pretty overwhelming. It takes time and patience. Heck, it might even be 4 different products from 4 different skincare lines that do it for you. 
If you are anything like me, over the years you have probably found yourself discouraged more often than not, which inturn, affects your confidence. What a vicious cycle of piling on heavy makeup to hide from the world, just to break out more from damaging foundations or improper makeup removal and care.