Youth Experience | Jessica Froese

One of my favorite services to offer at the Style academy is youth experience. Youth experience is booked when a family wants to throw a birthday party or just a fun day at the salon for their child!

As students at The Style Academy, we get the opportunity to do hair, makeup, and nails for many little girls! It is such a humbling experience to spend time with each and every little one, hear their story, and see how excited they are to get their services done.

This particular party every single girl wanted the same hairstyle, I did this 8 times!

My absolute favorite part is when I finish the service. It doesn’t matter if its hair nails or makeup. I love doing each service and helping them feel special. The moment they look in the mirror after they patiently await for the final reveal is adorable! They have a face of absolute amazement and awe. Just a simple braid and some sparkles can absolutely make their day. Which is something that is so inspiring!

Making someone’s day is such a special and unique experience. It doesn’t matter if my client is 8 or 88. It’s so special to see someone’s face light up. I always laugh when we do the makeup on our young clients. They insist on as many sparkles and makeup possible when sometimes I don’t think I can put any more on. But that’s how they love it!

It is so special when a family values the art of our learning environment, that they trust us with something special as their daughter’s birthday party. Our lovely customers are always kind, patient and gracious with us.  It’s so important to make the guests at our youth experience feel empowered and loved. I remind myself I never know what a child goes home to. So I want them to have the best day ever when they walk through the TSA doors.

You never know, maybe someday some of the guests will someday become hairstylists, makeup artists, or aestheticians because of this day!

Some of the lovely guests who had their birthday celebration at The Style Academy!