Advanced Barbering | Jessica Froese

Advanced barbeing
This is how it started

I remember when I first started and looked at the 10 months ahead of me. I read on my schedule January- advanced barbering. I had thoughts running through my head thinking how far away that felt, and how I can’t wait till I get to that point. 

Now January is here and almost done. I couldn’t more grateful for the skills I’ve learned and the experiences I got to be apart of. 

Advanced barbering classes have been a great addition to my education at the style academy. Advanced classes have stirred up a passion and motivation to never close the door of learning! 

One of my favorite memories in advanced barbering class is learning a new cutting technique with my class. As Dan demonstrated the new haircuts all our minds were so intrigued in how we would execute this new skill! I quickly realized how talented our educators are. They made it look to easy to do a technique I never even thought was possible! 

One day, in particular, I was the most nervous. The day we did hot towel shaves. So many worries and fears spilled through my mind. What if I do it all wrong! What if I cut my model! 

We started the day with learning about our tools, from the names of each item, to how to clean them. It was so detailed and great to learn how to care for our tools! Next was for our first guests..balloons! We used balloons and shaving cream to practice the motion and angles of issuing a straight razor. Guess who cut them themselves the first pass on the ballon. That would be me. Haha 

Our instructor was gracious, informative and calmed so many nerves. It made me realize with the right education and guidance, hot towel shaves were not something to fear! 

I really enjoyed learning many new techniques and skills during the barbering class! I can’t wait to use them everyday while I’m practicing my skills as a stylist!