Pele, Goddess of Fire and Creation

Student Name: Morgan
Origin/Genre: Hawaiian Mythology
Hometown: Halemaʻumaʻu crater, Kīlauea, Hawaii

Pele is know and the Goddess of fire and creation. She is often seen in the Lava and flames of the Halemaʻumaʻu crater. Described as “She-Who-Shapes-The-Sacred-Land” in ancient Hawaiian chants. Although she is recognized as the goddess of volcanoes she is also know for her power, passion and jealousy. Pele blesses mortals with protection by providing warnings through her many manifestations.  It is also very easy to anger her. It’s strongly believed that if you steal lava rocks from her volcanoes, Pele will curse you. Being the goddess of fire, I wanted to showcase the flames and charred fingers. But she is also the creator of the Hawaiian Islands, so I chose to do a headpiece of greenery and Hawaiian flowers. Call on Pele when you’re looking for strength in following your own convictions.

The Lonely Siren

Student Name: Ashton
Age: 158 years
Genre: Mythology
Hometown: Whitby, England

The lonely siren was once a woman turned into a dark mermaid through heartbreak. She was left at the alter by the love of her life which destroyed her. The last anyone ever saw of her was when she walked directly into the ocean to live out her sorrowful life. She is known for her sallow grey skin covered in barnacles but also her incredible beauty. She continues to wear her veil to this day in hopes of one day dragging her love to the bottom of the ocean. Her sadness and desperation can be felt worldwide during great storms and hurricanes.

Rose, the Spring Fairy of Love

Student Name: Cayley
Age: 157 years old
Genre: Fantasy
Hometown: The Fairy Land, which is in another dimension.

Rose resides in The Fairy Land until Spring rolls around, and then she enters our dimension to begin her work: restoring romantic love to those who have lost it or never felt it, and bringing love to friends and families. She has snow white and pale pink skin that shimmers and glows, with pink freckles to reflect her innocence. Her hair is blonde and is topped by a crown of flowers. She is invisible to the human eye and can travel wherever flowers may grow. Then, she gives feelings of love, warmth and happiness to those in need of it. Once spring turns to summer, she retreats to the Fairy Land to report back to the Fairy Queen, waiting until she can come back to this world to continue her work.

Miss Mimi Rivers

Student Name: Jenna
Age: 24
Genre: pageant drag queen
Hometown: New York

Miss Mimi Rivers is a fun, bubbly faux queen who competes in pageant drag. She is always the center of attention and us best known for her gorgeous red hair and huge lashes. You don’t want to be in a lip sync battle against Mimi because she will blow you off the catwalk!!

Stacy Sims

Student Name: Rebecca
Age: 32
Genre: Glam and Gore
Hometown: Orange Country, CA

Stacy was the beautiful housewife that seem to have it all together. She was blessed with beauty, money, and what everyone thought was the perfect husband. Every day she went out her makeup was perfectly applied, chiseled and highlighted cheek bones, eyebrows arched just in the right place, eyeshadow that brought out her stunning blue eyes, and lipsticks that complemented her perfect pout. Little did they know that under all that make up lied years of bruises and abuse. Every night she went home, hoping that it would be different, that this time he would stay true to his word. That night as she entered the living room and saw the beautiful red roses she had a glimmer of hope that things were changing. Little did she know this was the beginning of the end.

Cynthia Steel

Student Name: Jacalyn Inkster
Age: 22
Genre: Fantasy
Hometown: Regina, SK

Cynthia Steel was a beautiful ventriloquist’s doll with beautiful long red hair which was parted down the middle and braided into pigtails. She wore a floppy black hat atop of her head. Her outfit was super classy showcasing a white collared shirt and a black blazer over top. Her facial structure consists of very defined cheekbones and huge round eyes. Always complimenting her hair with her classic red lip. Cynthia is often seen in and around the Regina area. You can often find her showing off her eerie smile. Cynthia has a mind of her own and her voice travels everywhere she goes whether there is a ventriloquist to be with her or not.