Highlight | Jessica Froese

A full year has gone past since my first day in the hair program. I can’t believe how quickly the time has flown by. All the nights studying, days busy on the floor and counting down the days and finally, it’s here!

I have had so many highlights during my time at The Style Academy, It is so hard to just name a few! But reflecting back on my time at The Style Academy, here are a few memories that come to mind.

The first 2 months in my course the days in the classroom were filled with many good times. Countless coffee runs, the joy of mastering a new skill, and of course a classroom full of students always laughing at something. We often dreamt of those first days on the floor. The anticipation and excitement worked its way throughout all of us with the expectation of working on our very first real clients.

One of the best feelings was hearing that we passed our first exams and we would be heading onto the floor! Those first weeks were filled with many new things to learn, a lot less time with our mannequin and lots of new people to meet!


Another highlight for me was getting to know all the students on the floor. While in the classroom, we would only pass each other in the halls or lunchroom, so I loved the friendships that were made with some of the girls on the floor. Having those friendships boosted us in our confidence as stylists, and we were always there for each other on the good days as well as the bad. Whether it was celebrating when there was an accomplishment or supporting each other with encouragement on the bad days, we all made sure we were always there for each other. As each student would graduate we would have our sad goodbyes, but we also awaited the next group to come join us on the floor. It was a fun cycle that always kept us creating new memories and friendships.

This memory is one of my biggest highlights. Although I love doing men’s cuts now, they weren’t always easy for me! Conquering them has been one of my biggest turning points as a stylist. Before, I would second guess every step and worry what I did wrong. But one day I had a men’s cut with educator Joe on the floor. He was so calm and reassuring that I was doing the right thing and that he would help me with advice along the way, that It gave me the confidence to trust myself and start to enjoy men’s cuts. After that day men’s cuts were no longer a fear of mine. Now I think they are one of my favourite things to do!

As time went by on the floor I slowly gained more confidence. Confidence in myself and what I was doing. I think that feeling was most definitely a highlight for me. Not worrying or second guessing my way through a task but enjoying it with confidence.  

I’m so grateful for my time at the style academy. Although I can’t name all of my highlights, I know we all shared many many more together. It was such a great experience and I can’t believe my time at the school has come and gone. On to my next adventure!