Makeup Artistry

Journeyman prep | Jessica Froese

I feel so grateful that the Style Academy provides an advanced class dedicated just for journeymen prep. It can be a daunting feeling trying to figuring out all the details, and which direction you should go to get them once you graduate. We all feel so prepared and ready for our exams now! 

As a stylist after we complete our journey at hair school, We next embark on our next goal. becoming an apprenticeship and getting our red seal!  After we complete 1400 hours under a journeyman stylist then we can take our final exam to become one ourselves. 

Our educator Siobhan thankfully went through all the little details with our class. We started off the day by going through what you need for the big day. She gave us an amazing list from how many towels to what type of perm rod is best to bring! This detailed list was extremely helpful. If not for this class I wouldn’t have known or been as prepared for the day of our final exams! 

Then Siobhan showed us two haircuts she recommended doing for the final exams! She  found these haircuts time efficient and a wise choice when choosing a haircut to fit the requirements! We all were thankfully she let us record it on our phones so we have it when the time comes! As she did the haircuts she went through all the helpful tips and techniques that she loves to use and find helpful for her students when taking the test! 

Next we talked over the theory portion of the exams. We did a few online prep tests and went over the types of textbooks to study. It is so great we already have access to the textbooks we need through our lab accounts. We all got the advice to study hard and be prepared! 

I feel so thankful I have this extra knowledge to take with me once I graduate from The Style Academy! My whole class feels much more prepared and ready to take on the days past the Style Academy!