Hairstyling & Barbering Student

Coming here has taught me to focus and put in the effort

Meet Nic

Nic Reitmeier – 18 years old from Regina

Q: How long have you been interested in becoming a hairstylist?
A: Near the start of grade 12 year 2015.

Q: What attracted you to the beauty industry?
A: Making you look better it makes you feel better and when you have a good haircut that you like, you feel better about yourself. It can be very upsetting when you have a bad haircut. From personal experience

Q: Why did you end up choosing TSA?
A: My hairdresser said this was the best school and I took her word for it.

Q: What has been the most valuable lesson you have learned while in school?
A: Everything I have learned is very valuable… mostly, what is in front of you is important to complete. Coming here has taught me to focus and put in the effort. I wasted grade 12, so I had to change how I did things when I decided to come here.

Q: How have you grown since enrolling in your program?
A: I am a lot more vocal and expressive. In high school I was very quiet and very dramatic.

Q: What has been your favourite moment in school or what is your favourite thing about school?
A: It’s a rewarding feeling after your cut is done and they like it. My favourite thing about school is coming everyday… except perming.

Q: What is your area of specialty or what service do you like performing the most? Why?
A: I like barbering/men’s cuts the most – but not traditional – I like branching off to do my own thing.

Q: What are some of your short term goals?
A: I try to be better than I currently am, always trying to improve myself- otherwise, I don’t have any.

Q: What are some of your long term goals?
A: Other than graduating, I don’t have any.

Q: What does success look like to you?
A: Having a comfortable place to live – having no worries financially – owning a home would be cool.

Q: What would be your biggest piece of advice for someone looking to get into this industry?
A: make sure there is a passion inside to do the job. No matter how much perming gets you down – you only have to do it for a few weeks and then you get to go back to cool stuff.