Research Assignment | Jessica Froese

TSA Scholarship Winner 2019

After joining the floor, I started my weekly classroom day of advanced classes. Once a week my class all came together to learn about advanced techniques and new services! Research assignments have also been a part of our advanced classes. There are 10 research assignments to complete while at The Style Academy. The assignments have varying topics, from creating a new trendy haircut, making a resume, and knowing your product knowledge.

 At first, we were all worried about them, none of us felt like we were strong in the theory department. But once we started the assignments we quickly realized that they were nothing to fear, but they added knowledge and understanding to many useful topics! My favorite research exam topic was about the difference of shampoo when bought from a professional vs drug store. It opened my eyes to many things I realized I didn’t even know! Now when I suggest the right professional hair care product to a client, I have the knowledge and confidence to explain why professional hair care products benefit their hair!

Jessica Froese on the floor making hair for a client

This is my favorite and first research assignment topic. “Shampoo and conditioner education for your guests: Write a three-paragraph or more essay on the benefits of professional haircare vs. store-bought. Explain your selling techniques and how to perform treatments and up-sell them Select a product line and become familiar with all the products. Describe your product line of choice & uses for 5 unique styling products (gel, cream, mousse, spray wax, thermal setting spray, finishing spray, styling wax)”

This was my response.

Store-bought shampoos tend to have more water, sulfates, and fillers with fewer vitamins, oils, and minerals than most salon shampoos. They usually contain harsh chemicals, which can strip your hair of its natural oils, essentially drying it out. They’re also known for diluting their products with fillers. The reason salon shampoos tend to be on the pricier side is because they are highly concentrated with high-grade ingredients. They often consist of vitamins, oils, and minerals that are truly nourishing, Salon shampoos also include less fillers than drugstore shampoo, preventing waxy build-up and instead, hydrating from within. Because these premium shampoos are more concentrated, you don’t need to use as much to see results. My selling technic is to educate and inform the clients about the benefits and information about the product. To make them fully aware of how beneficial the chosen product is. And how helpful it would make their day to day life. I mention the details of each product throughout the service as I use it. And as I am leading them to the front desk, I will stop at the retail area and show them the product once again. While making them hold and see the product up close.

How I upsell a service to an add on treatment

I explain to the client how beneficial the treatment would be to the hair. And choosing the best treatment fitting to the hair type. For example, if my client’s hair was color-treated and needed some moisture for their hair, I would use the Redken color extend magnetics mega mask treatment. I perform the service by starting to shampoo the hair thoroughly, applying the treatment from base to ends, and letting sit for 10 minutes while massaging the scalp. Rinsing well after 10 minutes.

Here are 5 of my favorites Redken products to use.

  • Redken rewinds pliable styling paste. To add texture to the hair and style an edgy yet casual look.
  • Triple pure 32 neutral fragrance for hairspray. Great for clients who do not enjoy a fragrance in their hairspray.
  • Hot sets 22 for my thermal protectant. I use this to protect the hair, also great when my client’s hair doesn’t hold to thermal styling well.
  • Frizz dismisses anti-static oil. My go-to when my client has frizz or flyaways.
  • Redken brews molding paste work hard. My favorite paste for men’s styling.

 Sometimes when you hear the term “assignment” we all get overwhelmed. I know I do! But once I completed my assignments I realized they are not overwhelming at all. But an amazing way to freshen up your knowledge and education!