Salon Tours | Jessica Froese

Hair Program

My time in the hair program included a full day of salon tours. Our class was led by one of the staff members of the Style Academy on truly, a memorable adventure. 

It was an amazing way to get together and learn more about the salons in the area. It was fantastic to learn what the industry is like, and what to expect when applying for a job. 

We went to varying salons and barber shops and toured the area. It was such a rememberable experience to be welcomed in with open arms and experience what behind the scenes looked like. 

We went to 5 salons. Shear Escape, Zazu Salon and Spa, Blue Core Barber, both Daniel Christofer, locations, and Tasha’s Day Spa! 

One thing that really stands out to me is that each and every salon put education as a priority. Offering advanced classes, and a budget for furthering your education during your hours off. I thought that was really cool. In an industry that is always moving and growing, furthering your education is key! 

All the salons also offer Benefits. Working somewhere with the extra dependability of benefits is an amazing perk! 

Every single salon was so helpful, encouraging, and uplifting. My class probably asked over 100 questions. Everyone was so helpful and took time to listen and answer them all! 

TSA Salon Tour

Here are some of my highlights from each salon!

 1. ZaZus Salon and Spa. 

The creativity was flowing throughout the room. The decor is absolutely adorable, my personal favourite is the wallpaper! My whole classes loved learning more about being a business owner and managing a salon! 

 2. Tabella 

Tabella had such a welcoming and charming feel! I loved seeing all the employees working together in Synergy! We had a tour from Tasha herself, and it was so inspiring to hear her story! 

3. Bluecore Barber

Wow! The decor and thought put into this barber shop was absolutely astounding. We were lucky enough to get an up and close tour of all of the vintage pieces and stories behind them. 

4. Daniel Christofer Aveda

This salon is actually co-owned by our principle at the school, Dan Pritchard!

This salon carries a unique product. Aveda. An all natural product line that is even environmentally friendly! My favourite part of this day was getting an in-depth tour of all of the products DC Aveda carries. 

5. Shear Escape Salon and Spa

Shear Escape is owned by our very own principle Candyce Fiessel! Shear has an absolutely amazing atmosphere to be in. I loved the advice from our tour guide Hayley. She gave us many helpful tips and tricks for our social media! It was such a great pleasure and opportunity to learn more about each and every business!