We hear the term “mentor” all the time, but what does that term really mean?  The word mentor is defined as an experienced and trusted advisor; and that is exactly what Daniel Pritchard is.  And anyone who has crossed paths with this selfless leader would agree.

There are so many qualities that a great mentor needs to possess.

Experience is key when mentoring new industry leaders and with 35 years of service in the hair industry, Dan has been leading change since the beginning.  On paper, Dan began his career after graduating from Beauty School on April 23rd, 1983, however; his passion for hair started several years before that when he was introduced to the industry as an apprentice at Mario’s Regina Inn Mall at a young age.  Since then, Dan has been credited with creating new beauty concepts for years.  If you don’t believe us, you can look back through the 1995 archives of LeaderPost Styles & Trends Page and see Dan’s work on the front page showcasing new trends of the time, like the pin curl updo and the very popular perm.  Dan has been also been a platform artist, competition judge, successfully established five salons and is currently co-owner at Daniel Christopher Salon Aveda alongside his wife Carol Pritchard and Son Chris Pritchard. Dan was the 2015 Hairstylist Coordinator for Saskatchewan Fashion Week as well as a contributor since inception in 2012.

A mentor also needs to be able to share skills, knowledge and expertise.  Dan recognizes the importance of early and comprehensive education in creating not only superior artists but also in empowering self confidence in the artist themselves.  Dan is always willing to continually share information and give ongoing support to other professionals so that we can all strengthen our industry together.  So much so, that in 2013, he became co-owner of Richards Beauty College where he works to challenge the status quo of beauty education and create career opportunities for new stylists and providing responsible leadership.

A mentor must also exhibit enthusiasm in the field; and it is infectious to see that our jobs have so much meaning and the potential to create a good life.  Dan consistently shows us that what we do is more than a job, it is a calling and we shouldn’t take the impact that we can make on people’s day lightly.  Dan is a “daymaker” and inspires everyone around him to do the same.  Dan has even created a new tradition that he hopes to implement into all beauty salons, spas and schools; it’s called the Sunshine pin, engraved with a small sun, reminding us all that we have the power to put a little sunshine in  anyone’s day.

Dan has encouraged his past and present team to always embrace their uniqueness, creativity,  be passionate, dream big, but most of all believe in yourself. Dan’s support in new talent and his co-workers over the years has inspired MANY to open up salons of their own and become entrepreneurs.

There is no doubt Dan has conquered success in the hairstyling trade but the beauty is he did not only  build his own success,the true success is all those who he has grown along the way.  A new level of professionalism & expertise is being brought to our new talent today and we have Dan to thank for his vision, contribution and commitment to the industry.

Not only are we celebrating Dan’s 35 years of professional accomplishments, but it is also Dan’s birthday today.  And what better way to say “Happy Birthday” then to dedicate our first “Success Series” blog post to him!

Thank you Dan for all you do.

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