New Sunless Tanning & Airbrushing Classes

“Our orange looking days are over!”

The Style Academy is excited to launch Sunless Tanning as part of our Education Empire this fall. Guest educator Jamie, owner of After Glow Regina Spray Tanning, is excited to share her passion and knowledge about the industry and art of sunless tanning. From basics to body sculpting and special fx classes Jamie will educate you on products and equipment to make sure you are ready for what ever request you might get!


Message from Jamie

We are far from just spray tanners were also making people feel beautiful in many other ways. Women put make-up on there faces everyday to make them feel beautiful, what if you could the same to your body??? Many of my repeat clients are not just coming for tans but making them feel good about there skin and body. Not too mention our many expecting clients that love to come in those pregnancy stages for that perfect glow. With the wide range of amazing products now on the market I can almost make anything happen and the answer to my number question everyday “Will I be orange”? No absolutely not, product has come such a long way since then. Our orange looking days are over!


Learn more about the new Sunless Tanning classes!

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  1. Tori
    Tori says:

    Hey! I’m interested in taking a spray tan course . When do you offer this? How long is the course? How much does it cost?

    Thank you so much! Tori


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